Our Difference

Our approach differs from most Mid-market M&A Advisors, Investment Banks and accounting firms now offering divestiture services through their Corporate Finance divisions.

1. We only sell businesses.

Our sole objective is to maximize value for the owners of the business being sold. We do not sell our clients any other services such as re-financing, private equity or valuations. If required, we will gladly refer to qualified parties, but we believe these functions should be handled by an independent third party, not your divestiture advisor.

2. We focus exclusively on Industry Buyers. 

Our company has completed the sale of more than 50 businesses. Every one of these transactions has been completed with an acquirer within the industry.

  • They pay higher multiples than private equity groups 
  • They are less dependent on financing 
  • Due diligence is easier to complete with an industry player

3. We only distribute a handful in Information Documents.

Some M&A Advisors, here in Canada, boast about distributing more than 100 Information Packages on any given transaction. We use a much more selective approach, carefully screening buyers before discussions open. We rarely distribute more than a half dozen Information Documents on an average transaction. Top dollar is secured through selective disclosure.

4. We never advertise that a business is for sale

In recent years, there has been a trend for some intermediaries to advertise businesses for sale on their own company web site for the world to see. We believe broadcasting that a business is for sale tends to suppress value and runs the risk of needless disclosure to competitors and employees. The fewer the people that know your business is for sale, the better.

5. We have management experience  

We are not just advisors. Our Managing Principal and all our Associates have hands on experience successfully managing mid-sized companies. There is another difference – most M&A advisors have backgrounds in Corporate Finance. Our functional expertise is in Marketing & Sales.

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