March 2020

Series for Business Owners

The Perils of Window Dressing

Most owners of medium sized businesses in Canada are now in their 50’s. Over half of them have indicated, within the next 5 years, they plan to sell their business to fund retirement, the majority to an outside third party.

Selling a business is a complex task. Many owners have never been through the process before. The stakes are big - their ability to comfortably retire by securing fair market value for the business they spent most of their working lives building.

The Perils of Window Dressing

Having reviewed hundreds of information packages on medium sized businesses, I continue to be surprised at how many mid-market divestiture brokers ‘window dress’ the description of the business in an attempt enhance its health. This serves to do nothing but undermine the interests of the business owner.

Rincroft facilitates the divestiture of medium sized businesses. Our clients are companies which are well established and profitable. Since its inception, our company has completed the sale of more than 50 business across a wide range of industries. We also provide advisory services assisting owners in building sustainable value even if they have no immediate plans to sell.

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